When I was out of work due to knee issues, I was reluctant to call a lawyer at first.  I just thought I was going to have my knee replaced and in 4-6 months I’d be back to work in the construction field.  But I soon found out that I also had back and neck issues and that I would not be able to return to work.  In the beginning, I was leery about hiring an attorney.  After calling Gillette Law Group and the consultation that I had with Mr. Gillette, I was very happy.  I wanted an attorney to be thorough with my case and my medical records.  Mr. Gillette was straight up with me.  His staff is wonderful.  Someone was always available to take my calls and answer any questions that I had.  I would recommend Mr. Gillette and Gillette Law Group to my friends and family.

–Yancey, 50, Williamsburg, Virginia

Yancey, 50 (Read More)

Williamsburg, Virginia

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