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First, don’t be discouraged.  Most people who apply for Social Security disability benefits are, in fact, denied.

Brian Gillette has helped many residents of Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk and surrounding regions into approvals.  It’s a FREE call to talk about your claim.  If you aren’t approved for benefits, there is no attorney fee.  We are local and experienced, and proudly serve the residents of Southeastern Virginia.

Don’t miss the deadline to appeal!

If you get denied social security disability, the clock starts ticking. Your appeals hearing before the Administrative Law Judge is so important. This is your first chance to present your evidence in person and you don’t want to go it alone. Seek a legal professional.

It is very important that you and the evidence be well prepared. You are strongly encouraged to have legal representation to present the most effective case.

The Gillette Law Group can:

  • analyze your Social Security file,
  • prepare your case strategy,
  • obtain additional evidence from (your) doctors and medical providers,
  • make legal arguments, prepare your testimony,
  • question witnesses (for your side), and
  • cross-examine any medical and vocational experts who testify at your hearing.

According to Social Security’s own statistics, benefits are awarded far more frequently to people with representatives than to those who handle their own claims. 

The Gillette Law Group, PLLC, can help you at Social Security’s levels of appeals.

Brian Gillette and the Gillette Law Group, PLLC, represents people at all levels. Whether you need to apply for benefits or were already denied, contact us to talk about your case. There is no attorney fee unless you are approved for disability benefits.


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