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When Should I Get Legal Advice Regarding My Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Disability Benefits Claim?

You should absolutely consult with a lawyer experienced in Virginia Retirement System disability benefits claims before you file a claim. Too often we are contacted by people who have filed claims and exhausted their administrative appeal rights. If you must later file an appeal to Circuit Court, a court is only going to review the agency record to determine whether there was substantial evidence in the agency record to support the agency decision. EVERY case we have reviewed in which the client has applied for benefits and done the informal fact-finding proceeding himself/herself lacks important information and documents that could have been provided with the original claim.

Do you think that the Virginia Retirement System is going to fill the record with information favorable to you? We have never seen that happen!

Your attorney should be experienced in VRS disability claims, should understand the applicable legal standards, and should know how to gather the evidence necessary to support a claim for Virginia Retirement System disability benefits. Ask the right questions. Attorneys cannot simply dabble in Virginia Retirement System (VRS) disability benefits claims!

If you have been denied VRS disability benefits, we will review that denial letter at no charge and suggest an appropriate course of action. We have a variety of fee programs available.


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