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When I became disabled and began my own process of applying for disability benefits, my wife and I discussed whether we needed to hire an attorney. After much thought and consideration we choose the team at Gillette Law Group.  This decision was the most important choice we made in achieving a positive outcome in my case. They only work with disability applicants so they know the system inside and out. Brian Gillette called me personally to understand the merits of my case and give his honest assessment of my chances of successes, so you know upfront if they can help.

Availing ourselves of the services provided by these highly qualified professionals guided us through the complicated process of applying for benefits from both the state and the federal government. This made the long and confusing process more understandable and much less daunting.  There are many forms that need to be correctly filled out and promptly filed and there are many deadlines that, if missed, could derail any attempt to win a disability claim.  The wonderful team at Gillette Law were always very kind and courteous and they worked tirelessly on our behalf.  I am certain that their aid was paramount in the successful outcome of my own case.

They kept us informed of any updates and even made us aware of and helped us apply for additional benefits that we would have missed, if not for their knowledge of the system.

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our case as well as the services provided by the Gillette Law staff. We advise anyone who needs aid with a disability case to call them and discover the many ways they can help you.”

Brian Ott


I had a difficult case. I was denied twice, then had to apply for a hearing. I don’t know what I would have done without The Gillette Law Group. Mr. Gillette is incredible and his office staff is TOP NOTCH!!  From the beginning I was unsure of how to file and which papers I needed to file.  Going to Mr. Gillette I found out that I qualified to go back one year prior to my filing. I don’t think this would have been told to me and I don’t know how I would have known this information had it not been for Mr. Gillette.

This definitely benefited me and my family.  I had been ill for more than a year and getting an additional year of benefits awarded was a big deal. I started the process in March 2014. I had a hearing and received a decision by October 2016. This long process was for several reasons. The Social Security office was inundated with applicants, they were short handed and they have a lot of paperwork to get for each person. I say this to let you know that once the paperwork is filed you just have to go to your appointments take care of yourself and allow Mr. Gillette and his staff to handle all of the paperwork. I only had to report the visits to my doctors-everything else was taken care of with no stress on my end from the Gillette Law Group.

They kept me informed and always checked in-but, told me to be prepared for a lengthy process. I say all of this to let you know. You do not have to speak with the office every day to make  sure they are on your case. Trust me!! They are. When the trial date arrived. All of the doctors documentations were in the hands of the Judge more than two weeks before the hearing. Had I not had Mr. Gillette by my side during the hearing I would have been lost. I have no problems speaking in public-but, I was intimidated from the minute I walked in for my hearing.  The simple question-“So, why do you think you are deserving of the disability you are requesting?” had me stuttering and tears started filling up in my eyes. Mr. Gillette handled the entire situation with such finesse. His closing argument could have been a scripted Law and Order Show. He was that good!:) Many thanks to Alyssa, Allison, Amanda, the RN in charge of the medical review, and Mr. Gillette. This was a life changing event for me. To be 46 years old and in need of disability care while taking care of my 8 year old child was a lot to take in. I am forever grateful.”

TheDoctorWch FTW

I had applied myself and been denied. It was such a truly overwhelmingly massive amount of work to pull together alone. Find those documents, coordinate with a Social Security worker, make those appointments on top of being sick. It was extremely difficult and stressful.

Other than that, I found it very difficult to get one person to give me a correct answer at the Social Security office, and every time I had an appointment or made a phone call, even to sometimes my own worker, I got a different answer or a different explanation. So, I was left constantly feeling like I didn’t know what the answer was. And I didn’t know how to get the answer.

Even going to the Social Security website, a lot of the times my questions that I wanted to ask were not on there or they weren’t specific enough to make me feel like I had my question answered.

From my first phone call to the Gillette Law Group, I felt that I was heard. Brian called me back to have a conversation with me, to talk with me and hear what was going on. He was direct, but at the same time supportive. I felt supported–that there was help available. He gave me the information that I desperately needed as far as how much this would cost me, and how the process would work from that first phone call.

And from there on out, I have felt every step of the way nowhere near as overwhelmed as I was when I was trying to do this alone. On top of … I hate to reiterate … but on top of being very sick, and going through a divorce, and moving, and separating, and figuring everything out, your help was wonderful comfort.”

Donna, 61

Lanexa, Virginia

When I was out of work due to knee issues, I was reluctant to call a lawyer at first.  I just thought I was going to have my knee replaced and in 4-6 months I’d be back to work in the construction field.  But I soon found out that I also had back and neck issues and that I would not be able to return to work.  In the beginning, I was leery about hiring an attorney.

After calling Gillette Law Group and the consultation that I had with Mr. Gillette, I was very happy.  I wanted an attorney to be thorough with my case and my medical records.  Mr. Gillette was straight up with me.  His staff is wonderful.  Someone was always available to take my calls and answer any questions that I had.  I would recommend Mr. Gillette and Gillette Law Group to my friends and family.”

Yancey, 50

Williamsburg, Virginia

I hired Mr. Gillette in 2014, and due to whom we were dealing with it took 2 year to get an answer to my claim. In that two years things got pretty hard for my wife and I. Mr. Gillette and his staff were wonderful, they checked on us many times during the process and gave advice as to where we could get other services, (Churches, food banks, and other places we could get help). I feel I must also say, I’m a Veteran with PTSD. Mr. Gellette, and his staff for 2 years helped keep me stable, by talking with my if needed on a daily basis. I feel, Mr. Gillette went above the call of duty dealing with me, and fit so very well. Mr. Gillette is not only a Lawyer, he’s a human being, and treats his clients as human beings too.”

I needed to file for disability, being 43 at the time I knew it would be difficult. I was denied twice and given a hearing date. The entire process took more than two years-through no fault of the attorney. The Social Security Office was overwhelmed with applications and understaffed. The office staff always answered my questions and assured me all would be fine. They handled the stress that I was unable to take on. When you are sick and struggling you don’t want to take on a life changing experience and miss out because you didn’t send in the correct form and sign in the proper place. I am truly amazed at all

The Gillette Law Group had to do for me. Believe me there is a lot. I am grateful that I was awarded the benefits applied for and know that because of Mr. Gillette I received benefits that I did not know I was eligible to receive. I am so happy that I chose the best law group. My future was in their hands and they treated me respectfully from the very beginning. It was a very difficult battle and Mr. Gillette made me feel confident throughout the entire process. His office staff is exceptional and go above and beyond. They knew me every time I called and assured me I was no bother and that they were there for me. Top notch and incredible care and service from day one. I am sorry I needed his assistance but, am so happy I chose the Gillette Law Group.”


Attorney Gillette and his office were wonderful. I went to him after I had gotten sick and could no longer work in September and we filed my first claim for social security disability benefits. Everything was handled so smoothly on my initial visit and all the paper work was filled out and submitted. I got APPROVED in seven months on my first submission of my request with Attorney Gillette. I was so releaved and thankful that I had Attorney Gillette behind me in filing my claim.”

Mr. Gillette and his staff were extremely helpful with my appeal for VRS Disability benefits. The appeal process is not very clear in anything I received from the VRS but it was laid out completely on Mr. Gillette’s website. It was extremely helpful working with people that are very knowledgeable about these kinds of cases and for that reason alone I would highly recommend hiring him. Everything was handled in a courteous and professional manner and I will be referring anyone I know in a similar situation to him.”

I could not have been more pleased with Mr. Gillette and his staff. Not only were they professional and timely in taking care of all the immense paperwork my case required, they were genuinely kind and thoughtful during the process. I appreciate their hard work and would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing legal representation.”

I selected Brian Gillette based on an excellent review from a former client of his, and he has far exceeded my expectations of a disability lawyer. He and his wonderful team of staff members worked diligently to make sure that I received the disability benefits that I deserved, and were extremely compassionate towards me throughout the entire process. If you want the help of a top-notch disability lawyer – do not hesitate to choose Brian Gillette and The Gillette Law Group.”
Newport News, VA

The Gillette law group was there to help me get disibilty the first time around! No long drawn out process and no court. I would recommend Brian Gillette to anyone, not to forget his staff mostly (Brandy was extremely helpful and responded to me any time I had a question.)”
Mal Rogers

Social security is an issue that requires a personal touch. We all deserve a team that cares about the people it represents. For my wife and mother of three we found that with the Gillette group. It can be a long fight to earn the social security disabilty your family may be entitled to and for the that you need the home team. If you want it done right and you want to feel like a person and not just a social security number then I strongly suggest you put yourself in the right hands.

Thanks to Brain J Gillette and his caring team my family can now start to move forward and rebuild our lives, you can’t put into the words the value of something like that. Pick Gillette because you deserve the best when dealing with a very real life issue such as social sercurity benefits and the social sercurity administration.”


Until Brian took over my cases, I was unsure I would be successful in my attempts to obtain disability. Brian was able to help me with my appeals. He helped me obtain my records, and affidavits from multiple doctors to support my claim. Brian arranged a special hearing with an objective lawyer to review my claim. Without Brian, I do not know what I would have done!”
Richmond, VA

I can highly recommend Gillette Law Group, PLLC. Brian and his staff were very instrumental in helping me file my claim for disability and when I was not able to comprehend things or was frustrated or in tears they were compassionate and gave me room to be human and then kindly, patiently explained things to me in a way I could understand. Thank you Brian Gillette and friends there at your Law Office. I am indebted to you.”
Yorktown, VA

I receive social security and recently got an inheritance and was afraid of losing the S. S. But Mr. Gillette explained everything step by step and eased my mind immensely.  I would recommend this law firm to all my family and friends!”
Kathleen Bennet

Brian and his team of experts were awesome. Amandatory kept me informed on what was going on with my case and ensured to call back to ensure she had any updates when I left a message. When case was settled she even called to ensure everything was received.  If I have anything further I will surely employ them to handle it and I recommend them fully to anyone in my situation.”
Richard McKee

They are very good at their job and got my disability fast ! If I ever had any questions they answered then that day ! They are a wonderful group and law firm to have to represent you.”
Michael Green

The  Gillette  Law  Group  they  did  an awesome  job  for  me  I couldn’t  had a better firm. I  will  be  passing  there  name on  to anyone  that  needs  assistance.”
Vanessa Silver


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