The United States Office of Personnel Management announced yesterday that it is accepting new applicants for the Administrative Law Judge Examination. But if you are interested in becoming an ALJ, you must act quickly as the vacancy announcement closes Friday, April 8, 2016.

The announcement explains:

“This examination announcement is being opened so that the current ALJ register of eligible candidates (ALJ register) can be replenished with additional qualified applicants. Once the examination process is concluded, the names and scores of applicants who successfully complete all components of the examination will be added to the current ALJ register.

Individuals who apply to take the ALJ examination are not applying for an ALJ position with the Federal government but instead for placement on the ALJ register to receive employment consideration at ALJ hiring agencies. Applicants should read this ALJ Job Opportunity Announcement in its entirety before preparing an application.”

More information: How to Become a Social Security Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)