In case you missed it, yesterday was “Check Your Statement Day” one of the days during National my Social Security Week and Financial Literacy Month.

To get serious about planning for your financial future, you should open a my Social Security account. What’s a my Social Security account? It’s a free, secure, online account that allows you immediate access to your personal Social Security information. During your working years, you can use my Social Security to view your Social Security Statement to check your earnings record and see estimates of the future retirement, disability and survivor benefits you and your family may receive based on your earnings. If you already receive Social Security benefits or have Medicare, you can use my Social Security to check your benefit information, change your address and phone number, change your electronic payment methods, obtain a benefit verification letter, get a replacement Medicare card, or get a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S for the tax season.

Join the millions who regularly check their Statement. Click here to sign up for a my Social Security account today.  And then, help spread the word about “Check Your Statement Day” by sharing this post with your family and friends!